Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Olympus E-500 5th Anniversary

Today is the 5th Anniversary of my "Olympus E-500" (single-lens reflex) :D

5 years ago, my favorite camera Canon IXY DIGITAL L broke, so I decided to get the Olympus SLR with ZUIKO DIGITAL 35mm F3.5 Macro. Since I couldn't live without a camera, I remember I ran to an electronics retail store during lunch time (while at work) to get it. LoL So far I love it :) But I heard it's life-span is about 6 years... so I'm afraid of it's end X(

Anyways, I have been taking billions of pictures of my foods using it.

I appreciate it :D

Can you live without a camera?! hehe

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  1. I love cameras too, especially since my baby was born! I take more than 20 photos of him everyday! These days, I am too lazy to transfer the pictures from my digital camera to a CD or my computer, so I take most photos using my Ipod touch! The quality is not so good, but it is the most convenient for me.

  2. hi fran,

    i don't use my iphone that often to take pics but i heard some camera apps are pretty useful, so I gotta try them out since i take a lot of pics when i eat out. i'm not sure about ipod touch but can it install the apps?! anyways convenience is the key for me, too! i don't carry SLR outside but IXY (which i paid for twice and fixed - it broke twice since then...). hehe

  3. Like you can't live without a camera! Just got a new one too, went from a sony to a kodak still trying to fine tune my new one! Your Olympus camera look like a good model, I wouldn't worry too much if you take good care of things, your camera will last!

  4. i cant live without a camera! i not only love to cam-whore, taking endless pics of myself (haha...); i also love to photograph food. so it's torturing me that i left my digi cam in singapore>_< iphone camera isnt really gd, esp when lighting is dim:( bf says he might get me a camera (not sure when though) cuz he says i love to take pics. haha i think it's more becos of the fact that i keep taking his iphone 4 from him to take pics, n he thinks it's too troublesome ^_<

  5. hehe now that i started to like photography, not having a camera is quite troublesome. but its such a pain to carry my dslr to uni when i have other stuff with me, so it stays home most days.

  6. hi jo,‬

    ‪oh really?! but you are good at taking pics, so i hope you are doing fine with it now. hehe‬

    i worry a lot because my canon always breaks suddenly X( i need to be prepared. you know. hahaha

  7. hi mica,

    hahaha! i know how your bf feels. but it would be a great gift for you :D sometimes it is hard to come up with a gift idea but it's pretty easy for your bf to think what you want! i hope you can get a camera soon!!!

    i gotta try out apps you told me. hehe

  8. hi grub,

    same like you! don't carry out my camera because i always carry awful lot of stuff in my luggage and i can't think of carrying my camera with me!

    and i don't want to look like "otaku". hehe


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