Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wet Wipe Strategy

After the meal, I always tell my darling to wipe down the table but he really hates to do that... It is just about to wring out the kitchen towel, but he seldom does that while I get mad...

The same thing for the toilet bowl X( I'm pretty scared to lift up the toilet seat every time I clean... For many times (at our old home), we argued about these cleaning issues, but ending up me giving up and mess up together until he realizes it. But I found he never realizes it by testing with the paper tubes, if you remember... I tested my darling to see if he cares having a pile of paper tubes in our restroom and they ended up more than 20 before we move out... And of course, I threw them away!!!

So, at our new home, I kind of thought it is a never-ending battle. I don't say it has to be perfect, but I want him to try to pick up after himself!!! After living 6 years at our old home, I realized it is better to clean everyday than doing a major housecleaning once a year. This is why I am very serious about cleaning this time!

But one day, my darling said if he has a wet wipe, he will clean! I didn't believe in his word and said "you can just waste money", but I found really cheap wet wipe at DAISO (which contains 70 wet wipers at a buck) so I bought it for an experiment.

Surprisingly, it worked out!!!

I don't know what makes the difference, but he is wiping off the table :D :D :D

And the same thing for the toilet!!!

BTW, you can get many kinds of wet wipes at DAISO in Japan.

Wet wipe for table:

Wet wipe for toilet bowl (buy one get one free):

Wet wipe for flooring (buy one get one free):

Wet wipe for kitchen:

Not perfect but my darling's action and consideration is important!

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