Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wet Wipe Strategy

After the meal, I always tell my darling to wipe down the table but he really hates to do that... It is just about to wring out the kitchen towel, but he seldom does that while I get mad...

The same thing for the toilet bowl X( I'm pretty scared to lift up the toilet seat every time I clean... For many times (at our old home), we argued about these cleaning issues, but ending up me giving up and mess up together until he realizes it. But I found he never realizes it by testing with the paper tubes, if you remember... I tested my darling to see if he cares having a pile of paper tubes in our restroom and they ended up more than 20 before we move out... And of course, I threw them away!!!

So, at our new home, I kind of thought it is a never-ending battle. I don't say it has to be perfect, but I want him to try to pick up after himself!!! After living 6 years at our old home, I realized it is better to clean everyday than doing a major housecleaning once a year. This is why I am very serious about cleaning this time!

But one day, my darling said if he has a wet wipe, he will clean! I didn't believe in his word and said "you can just waste money", but I found really cheap wet wipe at DAISO (which contains 70 wet wipers at a buck) so I bought it for an experiment.

Surprisingly, it worked out!!!

I don't know what makes the difference, but he is wiping off the table :D :D :D

And the same thing for the toilet!!!

BTW, you can get many kinds of wet wipes at DAISO in Japan.

Wet wipe for table:

Wet wipe for toilet bowl (buy one get one free):

Wet wipe for flooring (buy one get one free):

Wet wipe for kitchen:

Not perfect but my darling's action and consideration is important!

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  1. haha i think its because wet wipes are more convenient, wipe and then throw away. but for kitchen towel, u'll have to wash and let it dry. n if it doesnt dry totally, the towel will have a weird smell >_<

    i never have to worry abt cleaning because my honey is more fussy about cleanliness, neatness, and tidiness. the only thing i'm VERY fussy about is the toilet. for me toilet must be utmost clean, it's important!! n i'll kick up a big big fuss if it isnt clean, haha~

  2. my mum uses the mop to clean the floors only over the weekend, on weekdays, she uses wet & dry jap brand floor wipes too n she LOVES it.

  3. I'm glad you found a solution to your problem! I would have gone out of my mind, the bathroom is the one place{besides the kitchen} where everything must be clean, for me!

  4. Oooh how familiar this sounds!! I used to argue with my ex bf a lot because of it! But he was so lazy and waited for 3 days before starding do wash dirty dishes! I think I started to lose my mind then.. So I moved out lol Our relationship was totally dastroyed by his laziness =_=
    My new bf is even more lazy actually! He doesn't clean at all XD Instead, he creates huge mess every time he comes home/eats/uses washroom LoL. But this time I am not angry at him, maybe because he is a different type of person. Also I rather get him to take me to a restaurant/buy me a cake/take me for a trip than having him to clean. He also pays for all the food and for rent, and I cook and clean instead. I think it works, although I am much more tired than him because of this lol
    Maybe you could clean all by yourself and instead ask your husband for additional treats and gifts as a reward? Saves so much nerve cells for me..

  5. This is a great way to get your husband to give, and it's nice to know that the wipes are not expensive! I think I need to get some of those too, I hate the yucky smell of the dirty dish clothes! It's nice that your husband is willing to compromise though! It really shows the strength in your marriage =D

    You should definitely try the Jill Stuart cafe!!! OMG I want to go now too! But I bet it's very pricey! I know her makeup is sooo expensive, even more than the brand name ones like chanel and dior! It's crazy, which is why I've never bought any of her products before though I really want to!

  6. Oh and to answer your question about if afternoon tea is popular in my country, I think in my city it is very popular around the younger crowds in the 20's and up, the teenagers don't seem to be as aware of it haha

  7. Men are like that! My husband also prefers to use wet wipes or spray-on antiseptic, then wipe with paper towel & throw it away. For tables we use antiseptic spray with towels and also using these sponge cloths that are super-absorbent and won't leave a trail (

    I think using wet wipes for toilet is also more hygienic too, so that's a good idea!

  8. hi mica,‬

    ‪your honey is perfect :D he also cleans the toilet, right?! hehe‬

    does your mom know the Japanese mop that can attach the wet or dry wipes?! i will post about it someday soon but it really is convenient and i use the dry one every day. my darling says i'm cleaning too much but i can easily become lazy, so i will continue cleaning every day. haha

  9. Hi theda,

    same for me! anywhere else i use the water is important :D

  10. Hi jenia,

    Wow! You waited for 3 days!!! I'm afraid to do that. LoL

    We pay our rent together, but my darling pays for me the food and other stuff like you say. But still, I want him to be considerate about cleaning stuff. Am I asking too much?! But I do wash dishes and clean the floors, so I simply want him to pick up after himself :'(

  11. hi suki,

    yes. i'm glad the wipes did work on him! hehe

    i think you'd better get Jill products when you come to Japan! i know anna sui is also expensive overseas!!!

    oh, speaking of the afternoon tea, we tried this weekend but was not three-tiered… so we simply had cake and tea... i will try the other cafe next time!

  12. hi Tsu Lin,

    your husband, too?!

    the cloths that won't leave a trail sounds nice!!! i will look for it in Japan!!! i think i saw this kind once at store!!!


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