Thursday, May 26, 2011

YouTube Medal?!

Yesterday, I saw a gold medal on my YouTube channel "temporarily". LoL

I hope it is not the first and last time to see it. (It always displays in Japanese and can't change the language in my account, maybe because I live in Japan, but do you see my profile in English?!)

I'm not yet pretty sure how the YouTube works. It seems like I need to upload more videos to generate more traffic, but so far, I am happy to hear that my blog buddies enjoy my videos :D

I'm glad I came up to this idea to create videos.

I want to best use my time, while young and vital. hahaha. But one happy thing other than my age is that I used a weight scale that you can measure inside of the body, and my age was 23!!! Amazing huh?!

BTW, yesterday, my darling's research report was quoted on the Yahoo article! Sorry, it's in Japanese, but I'm happy with it ;D

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  1. o wow! congrats to u both:) i dont know japanese, but i did click on the article link to show my support! hehe... anyways dont worry dear, i see your profile in youtube in english:)

  2. btw i'm experiencing the same prob as jose~ we both cant upload photos :( it's weird cos i can upload pics on my cooking blog, but i cant do that for my personal blog. blogger's driving me crazzzzy~~

  3. hi mica,

    thanks!!! it seems like youtube displays in the language of the country reading IP add. i hope it is flexible.

  4. hi mica,

    is blogger okay now?! i couldn't login yesterday morning for a while… i hope blogger fixes all those problems soon…

  5. i'm not very sure abt how youtube works cuz i dont upload any videos there, but it's gd that it's an automated conversion to the language of the ctry we're located in:)

    blogger seems to be working ok @ the moment. i'm not sure when it's going to give probs again though >_< i still keep my tumblr acct just in case blogger fails again; n also because my friends in china cant access blogspot in china (chinese govt banned websites like blogspot & facebook). so they can only access my tumblr blog.

  6. hi mica,

    glad to hear that the blogger is working fine!

    really?! i think blogger and Facebook are important for chinese economic growth, too. i wonder why...


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