Monday, June 13, 2011


My darling finally bought iPad2 and it arrived on the weekend :D

I envy him!!!

I own MacBook Pro and we both use iPhone (mine is still 3GS, though...).

Anyways, we both love Apple ;D haha

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  1. haha his ipad 2 = your ipad 2 too! we sometimes say jokingly: "what's mine is mine, what's yours is also mine" ^^

    p.s. my honey loves apple prdts too!

  2. my dad is planning to get one later this year. i dont know why though hahaha

    btw it is your ipad too :)

  3. hi mica,

    that's a great idea!!! but i need to wait until he uses it enough... because he holds it while he sleeps. LoL i know he doesn't mean to do it, but he really likes it. haha

  4. hi grub,

    many people say it's good after they used, so i hope your dad likes it!!! hehe

  5. haha does he really hug it to sleep? ur darling's really cute!

    that jap drama "Over Time" is 11 years old now! i think it was a 1999 drama, so really long time ago. if u can find it, u shld watch it, it's 1 of my favourites, & THE FIRST jap drama i watched, so i remember it very clearly^^

  6. hi mica,

    also his iphone... i will take a photo of it if i remember. haha

    next time when i went to the rental shop, i will :D

  7. Ochi,

    Wow,IPAD 2!!

    I also envy your husband.I love Apple too but I never plan to buy I think I will not utilize them either.

    White color is just nice!!

  8. hi jose,

    i know… i even don't fully benefit my iphone, so maybe you are right!!!

    and yes! i love white even if i put a cover on it. hehe


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