Friday, July 22, 2011

Heart Cloud In The Sky

My darling found this heart-shaped cloud in the sky.

It changed the form quickly so we were lucky to see it at that time.

I think I'm so busy that I'm kind of forgetting to see up the sky now...

How fast! It's already Friday today!

Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Beautiful. Did he give you that cloud? :)

  2. Ochi,
    Your hubby are so lucky.

  3. What a cute cloud!!! And it must be fate because your hubby saw it when it was still a heart, since you said it changed it's shape quickly! =D

    Oh that sucks that the denim bag is out of fashion, but I think if I like it a lot I will still wear it hahaha or I will sell it to buy another bag I want! I saw a lot of stores selling pre-loved designer bags in Japan! Is it popular there? I really like the poppy collection Coach has but I never bought anything yet because Im afraid I won't like it anymore >< When I buy something so expensive I usually think about it for a long time and make sure it fits my needs 110%! For example, if my speedy didn't come with a strap I wouldn't have a bought it since it would have hurt my arms too much to carry it around. o0o0o0 please show us a photo when you decorate your bags with a bandeau!!!

  4. ‪hi tornadoes,‬

    ‪oh, i hope so!!!‬ that's romantic :D

    ‪you changed your name again?! hehe‬

  5. hi FJ,

    i still remember the time i saw it. it was nice :D

  6. hi suki,

    you know what! i can't sell it high… once i tried to sell my old coach bag (i used it just twice) but it was like 10 bucks!!! so i still keep it with me X( preloved bags are popular, yeah! maybe that's why there are many stores buying bags but like i say, they price your bags really cheap X( boo!!!

    i always think a lot before i buy and go back and forth the store… but after 3 or 4 years, i always want something different… hahaha

  7. ahw this is so cute! =D i remember when i was little i always watch into the sky and search for some recognizable shapes in clouds XD whaha xx

  8. hi candy,

    yeah, i used to when i was small, too! i think i need to do it now again to get relaxed for a while. haha


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