Monday, July 25, 2011

JUMBO Ebi Katsu

On Saturday morning, I had a dream eating JUMBO Ebi Katsu, so I had it for dinner to make it come true!!! Luckily, it was offered with 10% summer discount :D And a glass of beer was 50% off! (I don't drink beer, though.)

Actually in my dream, I couldn't eat it since I woke up when I realized... I told my darling why he woke me up (maybe he didn't...) but he said he knows nothing, of course. Sometimes I'm sleep-fogged, never mind!

Their appetizer tofu was really nice with wasabi :D

I wore my everyday hoodie since I got up late and didn't feel like dressing up. LoL I totally understand what Kym said before. Hoodies are my go-to item of clothing!

Katsukura is my favorite tonkatsu restaurant! We've tried many other tonkatsu restaurants, but I think here is the best!!!

Last but not least, I edited a new video last night but damn iMovie again didn't save the project... I wonder why this happens often (I gotta call Apple)! My one-hour-work ended up nothing X(

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