Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jyoshikai @ Kyodo

Last night I had dinner with two girls in Kyodo. I seldom get off at Kyodo station but I heard there are many nice restaurants there!!!

We tried 2 restaurants last night :D

The first restaurant is called alden. They serve nice and cozy Italian foods.

The second restaurant is popular, SALVATORE CUOMO. Their location is nice, actually! They have a nice lawn in front. We had wine outside and was really relaxing!!!

We had a nice girls' talk there. hehe

BTW, how often do you (girls only) eat out with girls?! We call this kind of gathering 女子会 (jyoshikai) "girls' meeting" in Japanese.

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  1. Same as us, we also call it 'girls meetings' and 'girls talk'. We even forget about the time and overtalk. Hehe. I quite enjoy the girls' talk.

  2. Ochi,

    I like girls time.But most important is to have a bunch of great girl friends.I do have girl friends and they are all nice and friendly.We always chit-chat,shopping and did little lunch together.

    I miss those moments.

  3. hi anGeLine!

    i know! i always forget time and talk (and drink). haha

  4. hi jose,

    great you have many friends!!! i really don't... lol and i am always lazy to attend that kind, but if i go there, i enjoy. haha


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