Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tansan Senbei

My parents, younger sis and grandma have been to Arima onsen (hot spring in Arima) last week and got me some souvenirs :D

Tansan Senbei (thin sweet cookie-kind) is very famous there. I knew gaufres cookies (with cream) but not this one. But my darling knew it and I heard it is very well known to Kansai-jin (Kansai people). Really?!

Also my mom bought me some beauty products.

Anyways, today is 8th anniversary since I dated with my darling ;) He remembered it this morning! hehe I think we gonna celebrate (nothing special, though) it on Saturday!

It's high 35C (95F) in Tokyo!

Take care!!!

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  1. we can buy those thin wafer biscuits here too, but they have filling inside. my grandma knows how to make those too but she says its a pain :P

    my friend gave me some onsen bath crystals last time but i never used it yet because we have water restrictions here

  2. That's sweet your family got you something back from the onsen! You know, I am always amazed at the specialty snacks in Japan, like how each area has their own special snack! I love it!

  3. hi grub,

    really?! i never thought of making it :D

    what kind of water restrictions there?! like you cannot let the water out with bath salt?

  4. hi suki,

    you know very well about japanese souvenirs :D i always take too much time shopping souvenirs since they have too many kinds from each area. haha

  5. narh we were in a drought and didn't have enough water hahaha. but the conditions are getting much better now. 1 year ago, we had less than 37% water in our reservoirs but now we have more than 60% :D

  6. hi grub!

    in Australia?! really?! i didn't know that!!! that sounds too bad... we save the electricity due to the 311 and that is inconvenient but saving water sounds severe X(


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