Friday, August 12, 2011

Good and Bad 8th Anniversary...

Yesterday (8/11) was the 8th anniversary since I dated with my darling. We put off our celebration to the weekend but my darling bought me a nice sunflower bouquet that made me really happy!

At the same time, he opened an invitation to his friend's wedding and realized it was on 10/10, when we reserved a famous restaurant (hard to book) to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary X'( Of course, we canceled the restaurant... It is nothing to do with anyone, but I was kind of shocked...

However, this morning, my darling taught me a plan for the anniversary that we are going to stay at a hotel on 10/10! Yay!!!

I know... he did a great job to cheer me up. LoL

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  1. sunflowers are really happy looking! i hope you have fun on both occasions in the near future :)

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  3. Hey Ochi!!!! Your hunni is sooo sweet surprising you with those flowers!!! Not to mention trying to cheer you up with the hotel idea!!! There's not a lot of men around like that so your so lucky but then again you TOTALLY deserve it with all the yummy dishes you always make for him! Im jealous of your hubby, I wanna eat Ochi's cooking everyday too!!!!

  4. ‪hi grub,‬

    ‪thanks :D i hope so, too! ‬

  5. hi Toshogu,

    thanks! you change your name from time to time. hehe

  6. hi suki,

    yes. i think i have to thank him for his thoughts, but i sometimes complain when i'm dissatisfied… very childish… but kind of serious at that time. oh boy…

  7. Happy Anniversary to you! Congratulations on your 8th anniversary! That bouquet of anniversary flowers is very lovely! These sunflowers really made you happy! Your hubby is so adorable surprising you with those gorgeous flowers! I wish you many more years together! Cheers!

  8. thank you kim23 for your sweet comment :D

    i wish that, too. hehe


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