Friday, September 16, 2011

Okinawan Recipe Contest - Vote for me ;D

I am joining the Okinawan Recipe Contest!

My recipe is "Goya Gapao" and it turned out really great!!!
(Goya is a local vegetable and tastes bitter.)

I know my recipe is in Japanese, but please "Like" for the pic ;) hehe
You can "Like" my recipe on the page :D

BTW,「じょーとー」which we read "jyo-to-" means "Like" in Okinawan dialect.

Thank you!!!

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  1. hello! sorry for not commenting lately!! i tried to vote, but i need to make an account and it needs post code...i'll go home and copy my friend's post code then vote :D the mascot is cute >w<

    goya is the local vegetable for okinawa isn't it? i learnt about that in manga. there is even a tee-shirt with goya written in it :P

    good luck once again and have fun at your friend's wedding :D

  2. yep grub! it is an okinawan vegetable ;D manga teaches you a lot. hehe it is said not good to read manga in japan but good for study!

    thanks for taking a look!!! oh, i know the account stuff X( i just realized it. but i hope the view counts ;)

    anyways, many of my blog buddies are not blogging that often recently, so i think you come here often ;D hehe thank you!!!

  3. hi ochi! i was going to vote but like grub said, you have to make an account which i would totally do if i could actually understand what it was asking for. hahaha! :( i hope views count! i'm sure you'll do great!

  4. hi kym!

    thank you! the button counts but your view also counts ;D it is now the 2nd!!! thanks for viewing :)

  5. Ochi,

    I had voted for this recipes.Hope you will win.Gambate!!!

  6. thank you jose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i know you are busy, so i appreciate it ;D


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