Friday, September 16, 2011

Silver Glitter Gradation Nails

This weekend, I'm going to attend my friend's wedding, so I did calgel nails (which lasts for a month) at the salon.

I have to make cooking videos, so I kept my nails short and chose very simple yet glittering color ;) They were 30 bucks! How do you like them?! hehe

As you know by now, last time I did my nails was a year ago on my wedding! I matched my nails to our wedding theme "Heart Full NY Central Park".

Brings back some memories

I am also going to the Aromatherapy Salon this evening to dress up nicely as a guest. hehe

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  1. i love your nails!!! they're so pretty. $30 is a really good deal. they cost wayyy more than that in the US -_-

  2. Ochi,

    Nice nails!! You always have the great taste in choosing the right things and colors!

    I should learn from u too..

  3. thanks pretty!

    i am glad to hear that i did a good purchase <3 but i realized i should have done it by myself with a nail polish since i don't need them to last long for my cooking video. haha

  4. hi jose,

    thanks! i am happy to hear that you like them since you know a lot about fashion ;D hehe


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