Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Typhoon #15

Tomorrow, Typhoon #15 is expected to hit Tokyo area with full force. I think this summer we didn't have a great weather and now moving into the fall. Still hot at high 29C though.

On Saturday, I attended my friend's wedding reception. They gave me a lot of love and happiness ;D I love attending wedding party♥

Thus, influenced by them, the next video is related to our wedding we had a year ago :D

I will finish it by today!!! Stay tuned XOXO

BTW, we had 3 days off this weekend and will have another 3 days off this coming weekend! yay!!! Hopefully, the weather will be fine by then. My darling and I are planning to attend the Seoul makogli event ;)

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  1. Omg weather seems like it is crazy over there! Are people panicking about the typhoon? Wow you're so lucky it's so hot still! It's already raining quite a bit here in Vancouver ><

    I can't wait to see your wedding related video!!!! Have fun with your hunni on your 3 days off together! So rare right?

  2. i agree with suki, weather has been crazy everywhere it seems! =S stay safe over there!

    i totally miss everything about weddings! when i was in the middle of planning my own, it was so stressful and i really didn't enjoy it too much (Especially getting closer to the date) but now, i miss it and i miss talking about it that i keep telling my engaged friends to include me in their wedding planning. hahaha! can't wait until your next video!

    by the way, i am hoping to try your potato chicken recipe this week!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hi suki,

    yesterday this typhoon just passed by Tokyo and was very harsh X(

    but actually not that panicking until the last moment when the transportation system got stuck. haha

    my wedding related video is up now :D i didn't include that much of wedding images since my channel is about recipes and i didn't want to include anything not related. but i hope you like it ;)

  4. hi kym!

    i know! i miss my wedding, too and i really enjoy attending wedding parties of my friends' since then knowing how important and hard work to prepare for it. lol

    i hope the potato recipe comes out good for you!!!


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