Monday, October 17, 2011

As An Elder Sister

I am an elder sister.

Maybe that is why I can't take things easy.

I always feel uneasy doing something new while my sisters don't.
I feel I am always compared with them or others.

Sometimes, it weigh on my mind.
I hate myself being like this...

I hope someone understand my feeling.

But I thank to my darling when he say he doesn't expect anything from me but my health.
He is too kind. haha

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  1. heh i'm the oldest too. i take it in advantage that i can bully my sister hahahaha. it's just annoying for me because i have to do most of the work at home whereas she doesn't do much.

    i think in my family, my sister is expected to meet the standard i did in high school. well for me its a laughing matter until she beats me in the final year exam hahaha

    take care! and you are very lucky to have a good husband :)

  2. hi grub,

    really!? then you kind of know what i mean! but you are very smart taking it in advantage!

    yeah, i think i realize that i need him as time goes by. it is funny but i think i heart him more than i used to. haha

  3. Hi Ochi! I am the eldest sister too in my family! I have one younger sister and one younger brother and my parents expect me to have a tough personality and guide my siblings. I think they expect too much from me sometimes though and when I think about disappointing them I get really really stressed and frustrated! I sometimes think being eldest is not fair hahaha I wish I had an elder brother or sister!

    But you know that family blood is thicker than water....there is that saying right? haha so I love them no matter what but sometimes I just wanna curl up and cry. That's when my bf comes to save me hahahaha and it seems like your sweet heart does too! Yay for them! =D


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