Friday, October 14, 2011

DIY Aroma Hand Cream and Perfume

As I wrote before, I love aromatherapy since our wedding preparation!

Yesterday, there was a 5th anniversary party at my favorite aromatherapy salon and we had a chance to make our own aroma hand cream and perfume. They were pretty easy and fun to make that I would never know if I didn't participate this party.

For my hand cream, I used Roman chamomile, orange sweet and sandalwood. They are moisturizing essential oils.

Then for my perfume, I used basil, grapefruit, and petitgrain. Those combination makes people energetic and happy :D

We had some foods made with fresh herbs, too!

Also, they gave us some free gifts. My favorite Veda Vie Ginger Syrup, herb tea, and herb soap!!!

I had a good time :D
I wish I have more time and money to get their aromatherapy massage!!!

What would you do if you have some time and money?! hehe

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