Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I CAN'T Drink Sake!

I am really a cheap date but I can drink Sake, Shochu, or wine.

Recently, I won a lot of Shochu. Also, my darling and I bought a bottle of sake and I drank them little by little every day.

Then guess what happened!!!


I think I cannot take a lot of sugar... To tell the truth, I cannot eat cakes or chocolates. They always ruin my skin after a while.

Anyways, now the sake is used for my dishes. For cooking is okay since I'm not drinking the broth. LoL

Also, I now try to drink alcohol (that contains sugar) once a week!

Just rumbling... I will edit my next video today!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    acnes because of sugar? First time I heard about it. hehe......

  2. Hi anGeLine,

    or maybe alcohol itself?! i am not sure... but sake and shochu-kind are not good for me...

    generally sweet stuff is not good for acne. i think...

  3. Ochi,

    I never heard about too much sugar causing acnes. Maybe is the hormone problem or you have tension?

    I hate my face have acne too.I will take good care so that I won't get any pimples.You too,ya..

    :) Have a great day!

  4. hi jose,

    maybe because of the dry season?!

    right! anyway i have to take a good care of my skin!!! i am thinking of getting a skin care device... but it is pretty expensive, so not decided yet X(


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