Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SuraBaya - Indonesian Restaurant

Last Saturday, my darling and I had a pretty good Indonesian food at a restaurant called SuraBaya!!! Actually, the restaurant was unexpectedly expensive... haha

We ordered their popular dishes!!!
Are they popular in Indonesia as well?!
(Are they expensive?! LoL)

GADO-GADO - Steamed vegetables with peanut sauce.

SATE CAMPUR - Mixed satay.
This was pretty expensive and cost about 20 bucks but in small portions... Anyways they taste really great, or I won't make a post! You know!? LoL

LUMPIA GORENG - Fried spring roll with coriander flavor.

NASI GORENG SPECIAL - Fried rice with fried egg.

We regret that their coupon (10% OFF) didn't support smartphones...

We had a good time, though.

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  1. They're some common Indonesian dishes! I miss having them now! ><

  2. Really!? I knew NASI GORENG but not really the others. But they were really great :D I wish they make in a large portions. LoL

  3. Hi Ochi,

    I am surprised that Japan also have Indonesian restaurant. The foods almost same as Malay foods, one of the race in Malaysia. And the mixed satay is too expensive. But anyway, I am glad that you like it ^.^

  4. hi anGeLine!

    REALLY?! X(

    I really don' t want to know how much they are in Malaysia. haha

  5. Woww I'm impressed there's Indonesian restaurant in Japan. I'm Indonesian ^^ Surabaya is the capital city of East Java province, Indonesia.

    And you could get the dishes with bigger portion here and also with cheaper price :) hehe..maybe you should visit Indonesia later.. I'm glad that you enjoy Indonesian food :)

  6. Ochi,

    I did recognize those foods,actually they are quite in Malay style.I think we can get those foods in Malaysia too.Well,Indonesia is quite near to Malaysia.

    Glad to hear that you are having great time there.But did you get use of the foods?I don't really like Malay foods.

  7. Hi Chino-chan,

    Wow! I wish we have such large portions!!!

  8. Hi jose,

    Oh, really?! I love asian foods!!! Thai, Vietnam, etc... I don't keep seasonings for those foods, so I prefer to eat them out :)

  9. wooowww... the foods look so yummy ^^

    Satay is probably the most expensive one?

    Surabaya is the city where I live now ... ^^

    Greeting from Indonesia.. I really like your channel on youtube ^^

  10. hi een,

    thanks for liking my channel!

    really?! satay is expensive! then i understand the price! too expensive, though. LoL

  11. hi pretty chef...
    i'm glad that u like indonesian food as much as i like ur cooking channel.. ^^
    come visit indonesia..there's a lot of tasty food u can try...with cheaper prize,bigger portion,and of course original taste ^^
    ps : maybe u can have discount prize in that restaurant if u try to speak javanese like "piye kabare?" ;)

  12. Don't get upset but all the foods except satay, they're all quite cheap in indonesia. hahaha... I can try to post the recipes in my cooking blog if you want. So you can try making them by yourself :)

  13. Wow, an Indonesian resto named Surabaya? nice!! xD

    They are popular foods in Indonesia :D the price here aren't that expensive, but maybe because the ingredients were imported(?) so the prices are a bit expensive~

    here are the prices of them in general.. The prices are different for each area though :3
    10,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) --> 100 JPY (Japanese Yen)

    Gado-Gado : around 8,000-15,000 IDR
    Sate : the price is quite difficult to set because it's mixed satay that means there are many kind of meat with different prices
    Lumpia Goreng : this is a food from my city! :D around 5,000-10,000 IDR
    Nasi Goreng Spesial : around 14,000-25,000 IDR

    YAY! next time please try other Indonesian food like Soto, Opor Ayam or Rendang :3
    Lentog is also delicious!
    Lentog is a special food that you will only found in my hometown, Kudus ^^

  14. I was surprised while reading ur post, because I'm Indonesian.
    The foods you ordered are very common here, and they are really cheap! Except satay. hehe~

    Anyway, I love watching ur channel :)


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