Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SuraBaya - Indonesian Restaurant

Last Saturday, my darling and I had a pretty good Indonesian food at a restaurant called SuraBaya!!! Actually, the restaurant was unexpectedly expensive... haha

We ordered their popular dishes!!!
Are they popular in Indonesia as well?!
(Are they expensive?! LoL)

GADO-GADO - Steamed vegetables with peanut sauce.

SATE CAMPUR - Mixed satay.
This was pretty expensive and cost about 20 bucks but in small portions... Anyways they taste really great, or I won't make a post! You know!? LoL

LUMPIA GORENG - Fried spring roll with coriander flavor.

NASI GORENG SPECIAL - Fried rice with fried egg.

We regret that their coupon (10% OFF) didn't support smartphones...

We had a good time, though.

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