Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birthday Dinner with my Family

My parents live very close but we seldom go out for dinner together. Maybe once in a while to celebrate someone's birthday. I have 2 younger sisters and the elder one's birthday (11/5) is close to mine (12/9), so we all gathered together tonight to celebrate!

Oops. My sis's name is hidden. hehe

What surprised me the most was the youngest sister! She is actually mentally challenged but her drawing was amazing!

She gave me some flowers and they were just the color I like.

I am really proud of her :D

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  1. Hi Ochi! Im finally back from vacay!

    The cake looks delicious and I know what you mean about going out for dinner with the whole family. I live with my parents but it's still hard for my whole family to find time to eat out together, there is five of us in total too!

    The painting your sister made is really nice!!! It looks like one of those abstract avant garde paintings you would see in a museum and it would cost $$$$$$ hahahahahaha and it's sweet, your sister knows you very well to get you those flowers! =D It looks like you had a great birthday dinner with your family! I love those =)

    Oh and yes, it's almost been a year since I visit Disney World! In Janurary it will be a year haha I want to go back already =P OMG I can't believe you went to Egypt before!!! Crazzzyyy! Now I really can't wait to go but the unrest there doesn't seem like it is getting better so I might not be able to go =( Oh and I was in Tokyo for three days, I just love that place!!! So jealous you get to live there hahaha and yes, I went to Rakeru to eat again LOL I hope you get to go to Taiwan soon! Are you and your hunny planning on travelling anywhere soon? Even somewhere close to home?


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