Thursday, December 1, 2011

Calorie Control Ice Cream

I finally tried out the Calorie Control Ice Cream. It's low-calorie ice cream for health-conscious customers by Glico!

This product line uses maltitol and sucralose, sweetening agents with fewer calories, instead of the sugar and starch syrup most often used in ice cream. To achieve lower calories and smoother texture, tofu is used while reducing the amount of dairy ingredients, with 5.0 g of dietary fiber per cup also added.

They are only 80 kcal each!!!

Unexpectedly, they were amazingly tasty and delicious :D

I tried all (every other day) and my best is their Vanilla ice cream! It is pretty addictive!!!

But... I think I cannot eat the cream-kind. My acne already popped out X( Damn... But I think these are pretty good as they are talked-about!!!

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1 comment:

  1. This looks delicious! I think almost anything that the Japanese make is yummy hahaha But don't you just hate how our bodies are not like highschool anymore? When I eat anything deep fried I get pimples too! And it's so sad because I love potato chips! hahaha I never thought about what I eat before but now I always stop to think and will often not eat deep fried foods because I don't want acne but other times I still say "screw this! What's a pimple or two, I need to live a little!" But after my pimples come I regret eating what I did hahahaha I think lots of girls are like this.

    In contrast my hunny can eat anything he wants and never get pimples!!! So lucky! I think it is because he drinks a lot of water a day, almost the recommended daily amount~! >< I feel guilty compared to him because I don't drink as much water hahaha


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