Friday, December 23, 2011

YouTube Video Awards Japan 2011

Mummy Ebi (Shrimp) Tempura Udon is nominated for YouTube Video Awards Japan 2011!

Please find my video and click on "Like" to vote for my recipe :)

Btw, I was invited to become a YouTube partner few days ago ;) I am happy that now I can select the thumbnails of my videos! hehe

I am sorry that I am not updating my "My Accomplishments" label. I just don't have time X'(

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  1. Ahhw this is so funny!! =D very creative! how are you lately? =D xx

  2. Hi Ochi!
    I just watched your xmas cake tutorial on Youtube! You are becoming an internet star!! So cute :)
    If I had more time I would make that cake - it looks delicious, but for now I will just enjoy looking at it on the computer ...
    From Fran xx

  3. Ochi,

    I had "Like" your video.I hope you can win this as you really deserve for the creativity and hardworking.

    Update me for the results! Gambate!!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow Ochi! How exciting for you to become a you tube partner!!! Im really happy for you especially now that I think back and you were just working a regular job before but now your dreams are starting to manifest, I feel that everything you have accomplished is amazing!

    Don't worry about updating, the videos must take up so much of your time! To be honest I want to make videos too but am a bit shy and have no time for it, but I might make it my goal for 2012!

    Oh I also want to ask you and I hope it's not too much trouble! I might go back to Tokyo in February (hahaha I just love your city!) and was wondering do you have any suggestions for good shopping places? I want to buy mostly Japanese cosmetics and clothes. I normally shop at Shibuya but is there other places that are good too and cheaper? LOL

    Happy Christmas Ochi and I hope you have a great new year too!!! <3

  5. I have already watch the video tutorial of cake and it is great! I honestly don't know how to bake but since you share us here a video I will try it at home. You make me laugh in that video and thank you so much for that.


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