Tuesday, February 28, 2012


On Friday, my darling suddenly suffered from gastroenteritis. I didn't take it serious and let him go to bed but he groaned in his sleep all night. So, on Saturday morning, he went to see a doctor but he was still not getting a good sleep at night. (and so do I... I worried a lot!!!) Then on Sunday, he said he feels better, so I believed him but still he woke at night due to the pain...

Luckily my mom called me, so I talked about him as a recent event and then she suggested him to receive intravenous fluids! My mom experienced the gastroenteritis two times and she said she couldn't tolerate the pain and was taken by ambulance to a hospital! gee!!!

Anyways, now my darling has a healthy color on his face and went to work. He now talks well while he was pale and curled up in bed for few days!!!

Have you ever suffered from gastroenteritis?! My darling was too busy so it might be from stress X( I hope it's not of me, though... haha

I will serve him udon for few more days because it is easily digestible :D

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