Monday, February 13, 2012

Hair Salon Discounts

First time is always cheap here in Japan. $42 bucks (75% off) included hair color, hair treatment, and hair cut. But actually I used $20 coupon which made me cost $22 bucks in total.

BTW, I shot the next video today ;)

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  1. O_O Really? They give discounts to first time customers? In terms of salons, that is a non-existent practice over here. Here, you pay full price and give a 20% tip - well, tipping 20% minimum is customary in service industries, more if you really liked your results.... though many people don't tip at all, but my mother always told me that you should tip your stylist well so they are happy and don't mess up your hair next time. Occasionally some places will offer discounts for students or older citizen, but its never something that steep.

  2. hi cristal

    yeah, i know about the tips. so many japanese who lived in the states for the first time get confused and sometimes don't leave tips but that is not polite as a customer like your mom said! i used to work at japanese restaurants in ny but there were too many japanese who don't leave enough tips or nothing! i think they don't really know what that means... haha japanese people are polite but they were the worst customers for me. LoL so on the other hand, there is no tip here in japan at anywhere, which is pretty good ;)

  3. you looks 100x prettier in that video :D

  4. hi G.I.L.D.A

    you are so nice. thank you ;)


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