Friday, August 2, 2013


This morning, I realized my channel settings went back to default: no channel art, no links, no playlists, no profile...

Luckily, my videos were still there but I am pretty sad.

Well... anything can happen on the Internet.

It is just a data.

I just hope this will never happen...

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  1. Hi I don't know if you have noticed but you now seem to be posting under your real name? Is that on purpose or have you been doing it for a long time and I've just been unobservant? I could've sworn you always blogged posts as "ochikeron"?

  2. you are right! i don't know when i started to post my blog with my real name... i think it is since after google and youtube have connected their accounts X( i cannot change this... thanks for letting me know. i never realized it but it is very weird!!!


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