Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lei Pikake @ YouTube

This is the 21st hula dancing video :D

Lei Pikake (jasmine flower lei) stands for your loved one.

I could finally make this post since I was very busy... danced on the 19th week of pregnancy. hehe

Unlisted hula dancing playlist is shared on my facebook page.
You can find this video there :)

※Tipness(ティップネス)のHULA HULAで習った Lei Pikake(レイピカケ)の振り付けをビデオに記録♪ シンガーでクムフラ(古典フラの継承者)Sandii(サンディー)さんのアロハセラピーな楽曲です。見たい方は私のチャンネルに登録してリクエストメッセージを下さい☆

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