Friday, December 2, 2016

Japanese Hospital Food (meals during maternity stay) 日本の病院の食事 (産科/周産期科入院)

I have had many requests to share hospital food in Japan so I decided to make this video. Meals during maternity stay were well balanced. How is in your country?! However, I'm glad I didn't have to admit myself to the hospital for TPL (threatened premature labor)...

娘を出産した時に海外の人から日本の病院の食事が見たいと言われたのでシェアします。産科なので"日本の"とは言えないかもしれないですが、普通に美味しかったです。でも、4ヶ月前に切迫早産で入院と言われ(ギリギリ入院にならなかったのですが)、毎日この食事かと思うと… やっぱり家で家族と一緒に食べるごはんが一番美味しいです (笑)

Big Announcement! - Hello My Baby Boy
ご報告 ☆ 第2子誕生!

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