Saturday, June 8, 2019

How to Shoot VR180 Cooking Videos Behind the Scenes (VR180 料理動画の撮影裏側) | 4K | Create Eat Happy :)

VR180 Cooking Videos are in this playlist for you👍

I hope this Behind the Scenes video gives an idea how we filmed all these videos. ARIGATO with big hugs❤️

Those who think this VR180 videos are not centered, this is why: VR180 videos are made for 3D view with a headset. Moving around the screen is an option for 2D viewers. VR video is interesting in the way you can have a feel getting into the video. Thus, keeping an eye level horizontally is necessary, like you stand or sit right in front of a person. This is why not centered in 2D view. Interesting thing about this technology is not only this. Maybe in future, these videos can be projected in your room and you can be in the video cooking with me. Don't you think it amazing?! This is why I say use a headset to experience this technology with me! Thanks for watching all my 6 VR180 videos.

I used Z CAM K1 Pro Cinematic VR180 Camera.
Superior image quality, Stereoscopic 3D!

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