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Basic Stuffed Cabbage Rolls | Japanese Home Cooking Video Recipe

Japanese Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (we call Roll Kyabetsu) is typical Japanese home cooked main dish that everyone wants to remember. It goes perfect with white rice 😋

I will share with you the very basic simple recipe. Try this first. Then arrange it in the way you like by adding or changing the ingredients 😉

TIPS: Use a pot that fits the cabbage rolls tightly (put the cabbage scraps to fill the openings), then you don't have to worry about the rolling technique. They won't move and open while cooking 💡

Japanese Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Japanese Stuffed Cabbage Rolls


Basic Cabbage Rolls (One of the BEST Japanese Home Cooking Recipes)

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 1hr
Number of servings: 8 pieces

340g (12oz) ground beef and pork mixture *any kind of ground meat is ok
1 (200g/7oz) minced onion
1 cabbage (8 nice leaves or more)
1 consommé cube *any bouillon cube is ok
1 tbsp. cooking oil
salt and pepper
nutmeg *if you have
parsley flakes
ketchup *if you like

1. Carefully peel up to 16 nice cabbage leaves. Place them on a microwavable dish, cover lightly with plastic wrap, then microwave on medium (600W) for 5 minutes. You can boil in a large pot until soft and drain as well. Shave the core to make it flat if it is too thick.
2. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan, cook minced onion until tender. Add half the amount of ground meat and cook until no longer pink, season with salt and pepper, then transfer it into a large bowl to cool.
3. When the meat is cold enough to handle, add the rest of the ground meat, 1/2 tsp. salt, pepper, and nutmeg and knead well with your hands. Divide it into 8 portions.
4. Place the meat mixture on a cabbage leaf, then roll up securely. If leaves are small overlap small cabbage leaves (2 or 3 leaves) together then wrap.
5. Use a pot that fits the cabbage rolls tightly. Place the cabbage rolls and put the cabbage scraps to fill the openings. Make sure they don't move while cooking.
6. Break the consommé cube in quarters and put them on top, place bay leaves, pour 1 cup (240ml) of water, cover, and cook on medium low for 30 minutes.
7. Place the cabbage rolls on serving dishes. Season the broth with salt and pepper then pour over the cabbage rolls. You can thicken the broth with slurry (1 tbsp. starch diluted with 2 tbsp. water) to make a thick sauce if you like. You can serve with ketchup if you like (many kids like to eat in this way). Sprinkle with parsley flakes to finish.


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