Saturday, January 15, 2022

Dondo-Yaki Fire Festival (New Year Tradition in Japan - Mindfulness)

Dondo-Yaki (or Sagicho) is a fire festival burning new year's decorations. It is held on (around) January 15th.

It is an event wishing for home safety, business prosperity, good health and good luck. At the end people burn food on a stick like Mochi (rice cake), Mikan (orange), marshmallow, etc... and eat to make wishes but since COVID-19, it is left out.

Dondo is named after どんどん (Don Don) which means more and more in Japanese. Also from the どん "Don!" sound of burning bamboo.

Some people burn Kakizome (calligraphy for the first time in the year) to have good handwriting, if the paper soar in the sky. Our paper bag soared in the sky. LOL

May this year become a wonderful one for you 🌟

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