Tuesday, December 4, 2007

4 Advantages Using Japanese Rice Vinegar

It is very cold today.
I couldn’t get out of my bed.
I thought about getting a day off from work.
Just kidding! (But was serious in the morning though...)

As I said yesterday, I will write about another collagen-related recipe.
The recipe is "Chicken Drumsticks Simmered in Tomato Vinegar Sauce".
I used Mizkan's rice vinegar (and diced tomato can, sake, chopped garlics and onions, mustard, bouquet garni...) to simmer the chicken drumsticks.

There are 4 advantages using Japanese rice vinegar when simmering:
1. Cook meat less greasy.
2. Meat can be more easily separated from the bone.
3. Increase of amino acid gives the meat rich taste.
4. When simmering "chicken with bone", the acid of the vinegar act directly on the connective tissue of the chicken bone and the meat. As a result, collagen and calcium can seep into the broth.

Don't you think #4 is quite interesting?!
I don't prefer to eat bony chicken, but now I changed my mind :)

The recipe in Japanese is here.
I will write in English if anyone wants.

Tomorrow, my new recipe will be introduced at Megami's Recipes site again! I don't know why but this time I received an e-mail announcement in advance.
Be sure to check it out :)

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