Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Soymilk Tofu Burdock Potage

Hi there!

This morning there was something wrong with my private Japanese blog. If I ever need someone to talk to about anything, I write there, so I was shocked...
But now it seems fine.
I hope it never happens again since I need a place to complain. Ha-ha!

Today, as I mentioned yesterday, my recipe is introduced at Megami's Recipes site :)
Here is the recipe: Soymilk Tofu Burdock Potage.
I simmered thin sliced burdock in consomme. Then put it together with soft/silken tofu into a blender and processed until smooth. The reason why I used the soft/silken tofu is because its texture is similar to that of very fine custard. It adds thickness to the soup!
Don't you think it's healthier than using fresh cream?!
I will write a detailed recipe in English if anyone wants.

Again, it is cold today.
Stay warm everybody!

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