Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Luxury Strawberry Chocolate

Yesterday I was so busy that I couldn't write my diary...
Might be difficult to write on Monday.

Anyway, it supposed to snow yesterday, but it didn't.
I hate the havoc on the station, so it was okay. (I mean, I looked forward to it a little...)
Instead, there was a temporary blackout at Marunouchi Line...
This kind of train accident reminds me of that bad day...
But luckily, there wasn't any effect on my transportation, so I could go to work on time :)

Different story, on Saturday I went to my favorite cafe and was not that cold than I thought.
I stayed there for about 5 hours as usual.
I needed to think of chocolate recipes for Valentines day and I struggled a little.
I guess you know why --> my boyfriend doesn't like sweet stuff!!!
But I tried my best.
I came up with a few ideas and created 3 new chocolate recipes on Sunday!!!
I will show you if I have a chance :)
My mother and sisters loved my "Coffee Chocolate Brownies" so I hope I can write about this recipe at least someday.

Anyway, last year, I made "Luxury Strawberry Chocolate".
I baked chocolate cookies and glued strawberries on top of each with rum ganache.
Then I garnished them with heart shaped chocolates, which are also glued with rum ganache.
It wasn't that sweet, so my boyfriend ate it without hesitation.
Sorry in Japanese, but the recipe is here.
I will write in English if anyone wants.

This is all for today.

Bye for now!

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