Monday, February 25, 2008

Aojiso Wrapped Chicken Teriyaki Balls

Again, I didn't have a chance to write my diary on Friday.
That night, my boyfriend and I planned to eat out but my boyfriend had to work late so we gave up.
Instead, I could have written my diary, but I downloaded Adobe's Lightroom and played with it.
It was pretty cool that you can change room light to natural sunlight, but I couldn't get used to it right away... and still now as well...
There are too many functions!!!

On Saturday, same as last week, my boyfriend had to attend a training class at his work, so I had a breakfast with him at Dean & Deluca and stayed there for about few hours. At noon, I had an appointment with my orthodontist so I went out, but again I went back to cafe, this time Starbucks, and stayed there till 18:00.
After that, I had a dinner with my boyfriend and went home.
At the time I go to bed, I felt very dull and I couldn't get to sleep!!!
I wondered why and my boyfriend said that it could be "Economy class syndrome".
Right... I was sitting in a cramped space for a long time...
If anyone loves to spend a long time at cafe, I suggest you to find a wider seat!!!
Also, lack of exercise can be a factor!!!
To talk about this, lately, I haven't been getting enough exercise...
I am swollen like a pig :(
I love to exercise if I have time... but as you know, I use most of my time creating recipes.
I think I need to force myself to go to GYM, shortly.
I know I can keep up if I once start, since I do a short YOGA workout every morning since last year!

Okay, back to my fat factor!
On Sunday, I created 6 new recipes!!!
I have won many food product samples these days, so I needed to use them in return.
Also, there were some recipe competitions I wanted to try, so I was kind of pushed...
Anyway, I did my best.
I will write about those recipes if I get a chance!

Today, I wanted to write about the other recipe: Aojiso Wrapped Chicken Teriyaki Balls.
I made this on Thursday.
I mixed ground chicken, Riken's new non-oil Teriyaki dressing, minced long onion, grated ginger and bread crumb. Then I wrapped with Aojiso, and cooked in a microwave.
It was juicy & delicious!
Hope this dressing is available all over the world. I will write the recipe in detail if anyone wants.

Finally, today I won the second prize at Philadelphia's cream cheese competition organized by Cookpad.
To tell the truth, none of my cream cheese recipes up to now won a prize, so I am really happy with it!

Okay, I wrote enough!
Please ignore my spell and grammar mistakes!

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