Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bunapi Recipe Competition

Hi there!
It is again warm and sunny today!

Talking about last Friday, I got honorable mention for Bunapi (white shimeji mushroom) competition at HOKTO KINOKO COMPANY (they produce and sell Kinoko mushrooms).
Since I tried my best, I am not that satisfied with it...
My boyfriend says I'm greedy, but I am just frustrated with the result!

Then yesterday I received a lot of Bunapi character cell phone straps.
Those were the prizes for participation.
In other words, my efforts...

My prizewinning recipe is "Stir Fried White Shimeji and Chicken fillet Split with Oyster Sauce"
It seems like all the prizewinning recipes are healthy using less or no meat but a lot of vegetables.
I wish I could know this in advance...

Anyway, I will continue to do my best!!!

Tomorrow is Friday!
I can't wait to be over!

See you again :)

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