Monday, March 24, 2008

Chinese Food

Some of the cherry blossoms are already in bloom!
I took a picture of them on Saturday.
Unfortunately, it is raining and cold today, but once it gets warm, I guess they are going to be in full bloom!!!

Today, I have one good news.
Last week, I won the grand prize in the "Chinese food seasonings contest".
This contest was organized by Ajinomoto, maker of food seasonings, cooking oils and foods, drinks, and pharmaceuticals.
They asked for easy recipes using their Chinese food seasoning products.
My prize-winning piece is "Chinese Style White Miso Stir Fried Seven Vegetables".
I stir fried what I had in my refregerator.
For the seasoning, I used chicken stock with white miso which was leftover from the new year's day.
The chicken stock adds a nice rich flavor to slightly sweet white miso!
You could get addicted :)

The prize for this award was a meal voucher for chef Wakiya's "Turandot", where offers a new style of Chinese cooking inspired by the traditional food of Shanghai, Szechuan, Canton and Beijing.
He has a restaurant in NY, too!
I am excited to go there, but I wonder why I always win things not cash, ha-ha!

Luckily, I doubly won the second prize, too!
The recipe is "Spring Roll-Like Egg wrapped Steamed Rice".
It is very easy! I cooked rice with chicken stock and vegetables.
While cooking, I made crepe style fried egg (usuyakitamago) to wrap the rice.

The prize for this award was Chinese wok!!!
Oh my god, where shall I put...
I think I need a bigger kitchen someday.

I'm not gonna write in detail, but I lost prizes for some other big contests which are held every year...
This was my third trial but again I lost :(
Am I disliked?!

Okay, I have a lot more to write but I gotta stop now.

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