Friday, March 21, 2008


It is very cold today and raining.
Actually, it has been raining for a few days.
The cherry blossoms might bloom next week, since it is going to get warmer from tomorrow!
I live close to a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, so I will show you the picture if I took a nice one!

Anyway, on the 19th, as I said last time, I went to the PHOTO IMAGING EXPO 2008 in Tokyo.
It was very crowded with camera otaku, most of them were men.
They were taking pictures of booth bunnies.
<-- Like this :)

The reason I went there is to attend the lecture of Kouichiro Saito, who is an advertising Photographer.
This lecture was about food photography and was held at the booth of Olympus, which is my camera manufacturer.
This was my first time to take lessons in food photography.
We took some pictures of cakes they prepared.
My problem is that I cannot take a picture that looks like taken under the natural light, under the room light, so it was interesting to know the way he set.

At the Olympus booth, there were some experts, so I asked them a lot of questions about color temperature, lighting equipment, etc...
Also, I tried macro lense which I wanted to buy someday.
White balance is not correct, but you can see the difference in feathering.

I think I need to know more about the basics of camera!
I will try my best!

Okay, see you next week :)
Have a nice weekend!

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