Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Recipe Newsletters

It's raining like the rainy season.
We have such a gloomy season in early summer called "tsuyu or baiu" in Japan. I hope the weather clears up by the weekend.

Anyway, on Wednesday, my recipe newsletters were introduced on the seasonal page of Mag Mag.
Mag Mag provides a newsletter delivery service, which I believe is the best in Japan. I write a newsletter on Fridays since 2004. It has been about 4 years already, but this was the first time to be featured!!!
Sorry that everything is in Japanese, but the image here is how my newsletter caption listed.
Currently, I have 871 readers.
Hope it increases.

Changing my story, yesterday I had laser hair removal done.
I searched on the Internet and was in between medical laser (such as Laser Diode) and beauty salon's IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).
Finally I decided to have IPL.
My friend goes to the salon and she said it was good, so that proved decisive :) For me, friend is more trustworthy than the Internet.
I purchased 2-year package, hoping to save time shaving...
I mean, I wanna take more time for my cooking!
Sounds crazy? Could be, but Joke! Ha-ha.

Okay, gotta go now.
See you again :)

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