Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tokyo Sweets: Strawberry Mochi-Feuilles

Last night, I was going to post my diary, but I couldn't beat the sleepiness :(

Yesterday, it rained hard all day long.
My trouser bottoms got wet when I arrived at my workplace.
But I had a company uniform, so that helped a lot.

Also, yesterday, I had a long long meeting, for about 3 hours, at work.
It was my supervisor's fault!
I reconfirmed that he is hopeless.

Writing about Monday, I went to see an orthopedist near the station.
To tell the truth, I still had a pain in my ankle since 3/14.
I tolerated the pain till that day but one of my co-workers recently knew she had cracked her knees by seeing a doctor, so I got scared and went to have an examination ...
Luckily, my bone was fine.
But the doctor told me that if I had sprained the ligament, it might have been serious.
I didn't know that, so I would go if I (hope not) sprained my ankle again!!!

Anyway, on that day, my boyfriend bought me "strawberry mochi-feuilles" for a souvenir.
He got them at Shinjuku station after his business trip to Saitama prefecture.
It was neither a special day nor special trip. I guess he bought it because it is my favorite color: pink!
Mochi is a Japanese rice cake.
It was sanded with strawberry confiture (jam) on and in between almond sponge cake.
Very interesting and new taste! I never thought of this idea :)
Thank to my boyfriend!

Okay, all for today :)
I think I have a delay in my diary, but will keep it up!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Take care of your ankle! I guess mochi can be in different forms. I was used to the round flat for soup. We had an oriental store near here, but closed. She always kept mochi in freezer to keep fresh. The other Korean store far from us, keep out in sealed bag, for some reason doesn't taste good to me! Mom always liked the ones with filling in! The strawbery mochi -feuilles sounds good.

    Hey I sent my mother's sister a letter, thinking this address over 30 years old!! She lived in Fukuoka! Hoping to hear from her if she is still alive! Is there a website that can translate a Japanese site into American, just curious, would like to read some Japanese poetry blogs or sites! Thanks :)

    P.S. Will vote for you!!

  2. I tried to vote for you, but all in Japanese. I cannot read Japanese, if you tell me what to put in space I will do it!

  3. Hello Jo!
    Thanks for leaving me a comment.
    The round flat mochi is eaten in Kansai (Osaka) area. Do you know the rectangular one? That is eaten in Kanto (Tokyo) area.
    Is your mother from Kansai? I'm just guessing from the mochi ;)
    The Korean mochi is something differnt.
    It is called something like Tteok, and usually goes good with very hot & spicy soup!
    I'm not that good at Korean cooking, though.

    >>Mom always liked the ones with filling in
    What was that?
    Was it red bean paste?
    That goes great with mochi!!!

    >>Hey I sent my mother's sister a letter
    Hope she writes you back :)

    >>Japanese site into American
    Google has that function!
    You can translate a page (URL)!
    You can also search across languages!

    >>I tried to vote for you
    Thanks! You can just click on them and they have my ID code to count the vote.
    But you know what?! It is not that important for me, so don't take time.
    Nobody does that. Ha-ha ;)

  4. Hi Ochi,

    My mom born in Hokaido! You are right she liked the mochi with red bean paste. I couldn't remember what the filling was! Thanks for the google translation page, I used one other one from someone elses page didn't work too well. Going to the grocery store so I can get some American food to cook for my American husband!!! Keep cooking! :)

  5. Hello jo!
    Oops, bad guess!
    I have never been to Hokkaido.
    I know it is a very nice place with lots of delicious seafood :)
    >>google translation page
    >>didn't work too well
    Right... Sorry.
    I linked for you but I've never used because it doesn't work well for Eng -> Jap, too.
    Your husband likes American food!
    So does my boyfriend, he likes Japanese food!


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