Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yummy Yakiniku

Tonight, I went out and ate Yakiniku with my boyfriend.
Yakiniku commonly refers to a Japanese style of cooking bite-sized meat (usually beef and offal) and vegetables on gridirons or griddles over flame of wood charcoals carbonized by dry distillation (sumibi) or gas/electric grill. It is usually seasoned with tare (soy sauce base sauce) or salt.

We went to a restaurant called Yakiniku Road close to the train station. We knew there, but we have never been there since it looks very classic.
But today, I realized that I shouldn't judge by how it looks.
It was great!
To tell the truth, I don't like Yakiniku, but it was something different!!!
I've never had this kind of Yakiniku before.
Lastly, for "shime (the very last food usually rice or noodles)", we had Korean style cold noodle. In Japan, we have Korean style food (such as kimchi, nameul, bibimbap and others) at Yakiniku restaurant. I don't know why, but it is common.
It was perfect :)

You know what!? I will write more about restaurant food in Japan on this blog, too!
Since there are many other delicious foods that I don't cook at home!
I have one more recent favorite food that I haven't written.
Will write someday next week.
Also, I will write about the dinner I cooked on my boyfriend's birthday.
It is curry and rice, one of his favorites.

Good night.

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