Thursday, April 3, 2008

CNET Networks / ZDNet Japan

I am writing again today, because I don't think I can write tomorrow.
Somehow, I don't get a chance to write my diary on Fridays and Mondays.

Good news.
On 4/1, my "Western Style Green Pepper, Carrot, and Egg Kinpira" was introduced at CNET Networks / ZDNet Japan!
There is a rabbit (?) character called Ziddy and she features a cafeteria at a company once in few weeks. This time, she visited Cookpad. They don't have a cafeteria but they have a kitchen, so they cooked their lunch for the feature, and mine was cooked :)
Here is the article and mine is this.

You know what?!
I run 2 websites at work, and wanted ZDNet to feature those.
I wouldn't have thought of my recipe (hobby) to be featured there first.

Tomorrow is my boyfriend's 33rd birthday!
I always give him a tie, so wondering what to give...
Hmm. Pajamas might be good because he always wears the same ones and I don't have a chance to wash, ha-ha.
Tonight, he is going to eat out with his business partner, so gonna get something!!!
Also, gonna get a cake for tomorrow morning, since it is not good for his health to eat sweets after dinner:)


I got him this cake!
Don't you think it pretty with sakura prints?
Also, I got him pajamas :)

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