Monday, May 19, 2008

Okinawan Cuisine

It is again rainy in Japan :(
Now I have a collection of "the same" transparent umbrellas at home!
In Japan, we can buy an umbrella at a convenience store whenever you want. It is about 5 bucks, so I, actually my boyfriend, gets one whenever we need...

Anyway, every Saturday, my boyfriend and I go out and eat dinner.
This weekend, we went out to eat Okinawan cuisine near home :)

Okinawan Cuisine is the cuisine of the Japanese island of Okinawa. Because of the difference in culture, climate, vegetables and other ingredients between Okinawa and mainland Japan, the Okinawan cuisine is very different from the Japanese cuisine.

We had a goya salad. I guess for the first time this year! Goya is a dark-green and bumpy bitter melon or bitter gourd. Usually cheaply-available in summer in the Tokyo area.
Also, we had an organic vegetable chanpuru. It was great!!! Chanpuru means something mixed. It is an Okinawan stir fry dish, generally containing vegetables, tofu, and some kind of meat or fish. This chanpuru contained SPAM meat, which is my boyfriend's favorite.
In addition, we had a chicken appetizer, gyoza (steamed dumplings) and stone pot taco rice. Taco rice is a very common meal in Okinawa, and is often served as school lunch. It consists of taco-flavoured ground beef served on a bed of rice and lettuce. The taco rice we had was cooked in a stone pot, which was cool!

I think we go to this restaurant at least 3 times a year because they have nice Okinawan taste and style!
Oops, I have never been to Okinawa.
I wish I could go there someday to make sure we are enjoying the real stuff!

Okay, I gotta stop now.
Somehow this weather makes me dizzy!
I think I have a headache :(

Oh my god! It's raining cats and dogs!!!

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