Friday, May 16, 2008

Recipe Cards

I think it is hot today!
It was like winter a few days ago though.
I still can't get rid of the cold :(
Hope I could get over this soon!!!

Recently, I realized that the nearby supermarkets stopped offering recipe cards with pictures. Now they are all text and no pictures. In Japan, most supermarkets offer such cards to promote new products and seasonal stuff. I thought they were useful. Hope it is not a strategy for cost-saving! Some of the recipes are printed on the product packages or the accompanying tags with pictures, but recipe cards were something different. They add a great deal of enjoyment for our shopping!!!
Hope they put back pictures someday...

Today, I won 2 bags (about 10kg/22lb) of specially-cultivated rice!
They use less chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
We eat rice everyday, so I'm glad to win those.
I submitted my recipes to apply.
Winners were selected in a drawing, so I was lucky.

I posted this diary for Friday, but actually, it is Saturday morning.
Last night, I felt very drowsy while writing, so went to bed at will.

Okay, see you again!
Have a good weekend :)

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