Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Accomplishments

Today, I am very upset about my supervisor.
We three run websites.
My supervisor and my co-worker (both men) got promoted but I didn't.
It is not fair!!!
Is it just because I'm a woman?

Anyway! Just for a change, I will list my accomplishments.

On March 21st, I won an outstanding performance award at
They asked for recipes to fight metabolic syndrome. My award winning recipe is "Salty-Sweet Miso Fried Daikon Radish and Almonds". The miso I used is Tenmenjyan, which is sweet miso of China. Daikon Radish and Almonds are high in vitamines and mineral. There are abundance of oleic acid and magnesium in Almonds.
Hope this recipe is good for anti-obesity!

On April 26th, I won a special award at the egg recipe competition again.
This competition was organized by Nosan Corporation, the producer of "Yodoran" Hikari brand of iodine-enriched eggs.
This time, they put out a call for spring bento recipes that use "Yodoran".
I made "Easy Spring Soboro Mazezushi".
It is sushi rice mixed with soboro (Japanese dish, usually made with minced chicken) and vegetables.
I cut the usuyakitamago (crepe style fried egg) into flower shapes using a cookie
cutter and decorated on top.
My boyfriend loved it, because he likes soboro gohan ;)

On April 28th, I won Tomisen award.
Tomisen is a website that deliveres homemade soba (or udon).
Their soba and it's sobajiru (stock sauce for soba or udon) have an authentic flavor.
Therefore, they asked people to use their sobajiru for other recipes.
I created "Sobajiru Marinated Tomatoes".
The recipe is similar to my Dashi Marinated Tomatoes.
I soaked peeled cherry or grape tomatoes in sobajiru.
They were juicy and delicious!!!
The recipe was so easy that I didn't expect to receive an award though.

Then on April 28th, my "Ethnic Style Stir-Fried Beef and Vegetables" was introduced at Vegete's website.
I wrote about vegete before.
This time, Asahi put out a call for recipes to go with the beer, that could be made
within 30 minutes.
I used a lot of vegetables that enhance stamina to enjoy drinking :)

Okay, time to go.
Might see you next week... hopefully tomorrow!

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