Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Accomplishments

Hello! It is sunny today! Hope it lasts.

Today, I will list my recent accomplishments.

In March, I wrote that I passed to the finals and create drink recipes using camu camu juice concentrate for a Peruvian restaurant called "Miraflores".
I won the grand prize!!!
The prize winning recipe is CAMU CAMU BEER, which is very easy!
You put 1tbsp of camu camu juice concentrate in a glass, pour 175cc of beer, and garnish it with mint leaves.
The sour taste of camu camu matches the beer perfectly; very refreshing!
It is going to be served at the restaurant in the near future.

Then again, I won the special award at the Yodoran (iodine-enriched egg) recipe competition by Nosan Corporation.
This time they asked for the recipe using their brand-new mayonnaise and Yodoran.
I think this is my fourth time to win this contest. Once I won the top prize, but the rest were the specials though.
I made kabobs using boiled eggs and chicken fillet with 'cod ovum-mayonnaise mixture' and aonori on top.
It is rich in flavor but not greasy because I used the chicken fillet!

Then yesterday, I won a special prize at Suntory's contest using their tennensui (Southern Alps natural mineral water). The contest was held at Cookpad (recipe site).
They asked for rice bowl recipes that use their water to cook rice and toppings. The rice bowl I made is not that special. I just cooked what I had in my refrigerator: ground meat, enoki, and natto with miso and vinegar seasonings.

Last but not least, I advanced to the finals of the survival food contest which I mentioned before! The finals will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on June 7th! I hope I can enjoy.

You know what?! I am unlucky with money!
Very funny, but I am losing all the money related prizes.
Of course, money isn't everything though.

Speaking of money, yesterday morning, I calculated my expenses because the receipt papers bulged my wallet and wanted to throw them away.
It's been a month since I last calculated, so the figures didn't add up.
5,060yen was missing!!!
I couldn't remember what I bought in a snap, so it couldn't get out of my mind for a whole day...
Anyway, I finally remembered in the evening! I added 5,000yen that I borrowed from my boyfriend. When I returned, I just subtracted the same amount, which made my expenditure plus minus zero!
But not sure about 60yen, hmm...

Sorry for the details...
Better not borrow or lend money!

I'm drowsy now.
Good night.

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