Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birthday Cake Idea

It is raining today. Last night, I fell asleep while typing my diary.
Rain makes me drowsy!

Actually, I was waiting for my boyfriend. He had an English class late in the evening and after that he went drinking with his co-workers and didn't come back...
This morning I found him slipped out from his suit trousers (I guess he might have been uncomfortable with those on), lying on the floor... He said he has got a hangover. Right... he looked painful. I gave him a medicine for headache and left home. Hope he is doing fine now...

Oops! I just realized that I forgot my cell at home!
It's because of disrupted routines in the morning :(

Talking about my boyfriend, I didn't have a chance to write about his birthday cake for quite a while! This is the cake I made for his 33rd birthday. It is a strawberry shortcake with pink whipped cream. I decorated it with heart-shaped strawberries. Don't you think it's cute? Or, too cute for a guy? Ha-ha.

Different story.
Yesterday, I received a high-grade bousaizukin!!! It is a hat that guards your head from fire and other dangerous things. I choose it from "a wedding thank-you gift catalog", which is actually my boyfriend's. He says that I take things too seriously, but I think if you are prepared, you don't have to worry.
I forgot to bring it with me today, but I'm gonna keep it handy at my workplace!

In addition, my boyfriend won a 2 dozen water (tennensui) bottles, which I also won the other day!
I was thinking of keeping some bottled water on hand in case of emergency, but too many...

I wish I could use my luck evenly.

I'm changing my story again.
Lately, I am completely disillusioned with my job. My supervisor has no ambition. I am trying to think no one is perfect, but sometimes I can't take it.
But the way I think is better than before. I used to not know when to give up things, but now I try to take it easy and go on to the next, enjoy cooking after work!
I am kind of perfectionist, so I hate wasting time. A non-productive day is unthinkable...
(Then why don't I change my job...?! That's a different story.)
But but but! I have a bad habit. If I've got quite a lot to get through, I put things off... such as housework, e-mail replies to my friends, etc... My priority is always cooking (creation), so I barely have time for anything else!!!
I need to do things more sensibly.

Sorry for my rambling.
The shortcake story (my main story) is buried in details.
Please wade through...

Today, I have the second facial stuff!
Hope they remove my makeup thoroughly!

Will come back tomorrow, if I can :)

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