Monday, June 9, 2008

Survival Food Recipe Contest @ Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2008

In April, Tokyo Fire Department has asked for the survival food recipes (using canned and bottled products, dried foodstuff, emergency food supplies, familiar vegetables, etc...) that makes disaster victims in difficult circumstances happy. Luckily, my recipe passed the initial screening! So on June 7th, I attended the finals which was held at Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2008.

There were six finalists. We cooked our recipe on stage in front of the audience and the press. The time limit was 30 minutes.
The winner was a man who cooked paella using Japanese traditional dried foodstuff (such as sakuraebi (Sergia lucens)) and canned tomato. The biggest reason he won was the usage of dried foodstuff, which keeps well and rich in nutrients! Also, his recipe was home-style dish, so that was highly evaluated!

One of the judges was Hiroko Sakamoto (a cooking teacher), who has actually been in the disaster of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
She said, it took for about a week until food supplies arrived in general household. Until then, she needed to survive by eating foodstuff at home. Under such circumstances, most people didn't want to eat emergency food supplies but regular home-cooked meal. Therefore, she recommended people to stock up on their favorite canned food, retort series, or whatever that makes you happy. Also, she said it is important to stock up on water and drink to stay hydrated.
Her actual experiences were informative!

Anyway, rest of us all received outstanding performance awards!

Moreover, at this exhibition, there was a booth that lectures on CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and how to use AED (automated external defibrillator)! I remember that I read about these in a text book when I was a high school student, but it was something I've never done before.
I think we learned a lot on this day!

Last but not least, June 7th was the 5th anniversary since my boyfriend and I had met. After the contest, we went to a nice Vietnamese restaurant in Yebisu. We were pretty tired, but the jazz music they had playing was relaxing. We talked about the day we met and had a good time :)

Okay, this is all for today.
The rainy season came back!
We had a rain and thunder this evening :(

Somehow, I got very bad stiff shoulders today...
Good night!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Congrads on your contest! I'm confused you said in your last comment you don't write your blogs?

    Hey my cousins name is Sakamoto too! They are from Fukuoka!
    You will be very prepared for disasters with all you learned!

    Happy anniversary! Very hot here in the 90's! :)

  2. Hello jo!

    I did my best but cooking on stage is kind of difficult. Nothing gets past!

    >>don't write your blogs?
    "I don't write them" I meant "I don't leave comments on my visitors' blog very often, even if they leave comments...". I have been updating my Japanese blogs (I have 3 blogs) for about 3 years, and realized that I couldn't write them back evenly, so I stopped commenting.
    I don't know about this English one, but I think I might have the same barrier! Ha-ha!!!
    Anyway, I am happy that you read my blog and leave comments!!! My poor English... I need to improve :(

    Did you say you are going to visit your cousin in Fukuoka? I think I have a friend there, so maybe I can look for an interpreter for you. (Fukuoka is quite far from Tokyo.)

    We have high 80s here. I can't imagine 90's! That's too hot!
    But it is already summer, June! I realized it now!!!
    I was still in April mode!

  3. Hi Ochi,

    Your English is very well, it is my Japanese I need much improvement on.

    I won't be visiting my cousin for awhile, don't have money to do so. But if I ever get the chance, I will certainly let you know! Definitely will need an interpreter. I didn't look on the map, to see how far you were from

    I can see commenting could get to be too much!

  4. Good morning jo!

    It is very hot here again! I couldn't stay up to write my diary since this weather makes me really tired.

    Thanks about my English. It is kind of hard to write what I want to say, but if you can understand what I'm saying, I believe others can!
    I am learning a lot from your comments :)

    I know visiting a country where you have never been is not easy. It is also pretty expensive to come Japan, so take time and visit whenever you have a chance!!!


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