Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Love NY

Hello! I'm back!

Our great time in NY passed by like a flash.
I left for NY on 6/29 and came back to Japan on 7/6.
I can't believe I've been there and now I'm back in Japan... I wish I could go back :(

When we arrived at Newark airport, there was a thunderstorm, but when we got out from the airport, it stopped! Since then till the last day, we didn't need an umbrella. Thanks for the great weather!

In NY, I saw my friends, went to jazz cafe (met a Japanese drummer in the band), traveled around New York with the Hop-on Hop-off buses and the Duck Tour (my boyfriend's request), went to movies (we saw Hancock on the day it was released!), went shopping, had delicious food, etc... I needed more time!

I think I don't have time to write them all in detail, so I will make an album soon! We took a lot of pictures, but don't expect too much. Actually, most pics were worse than I thought! I think I need a good camera, or is it because of my skill...?!

7/7 is Tanabata in Japan. We write wishes on strips of paper called "tanzaku" and hang them on bamboo. I wished to visit NY again, the next year! I didn't write on the "tanzaku" though...

Okay, I gotta go now.
I have a lot to do.
See you again ;)

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