Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mont Blanc aux Marrons

Just few hours ago, we had a heavy rain after a long time!!!

The past few days, it is raining hard in many parts of the country. Yesterday, there was a concentrated heavy rain in Kobe. 4 people were killed by a muddy stream! They were playing at a river area and suddenly the stream hit them!!! How scary...

Anyway, nothing related to the rain, but I will show you my Mont Blanc aux Marrons! But this is not a cake! It is EGG SALAD :) I made this few years ago to make fun of my boyfriend because he doesn't like sweet stuff! I served it for a dinner and I still remember his uncomfortable face! Ha-ha ;)
The recipe is in Japanese, but I think you can understand the procedures (images).

To tell the truth, I am finishing my diary in the morning...
I fell asleep again while writing last night.

Okay, see you again!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    We are expecting rain tomorrow too, a much needed rain for my garden and flowers. Sometimes the rain comes so fast, you must watch the rivers and creeks.

    Your recipe reminds me of deviled eggs we make here. You made them look so cute as cupcakes.

    Your boyfriend so lucky to have a good cook like you, to fix him different things. I love sweet stuff, but most fattening!

    We had fresh corn on the cob today, given to us by a farmer friend. Do you have corn there!

    I'm falling asleep tired tonight too!

  2. Hi jo!

    I think our weeds will grow again... but yes, the rain should be happy for your garden :)

    Yes! Good guess! They are deviled eggs! I made some in ordinary style and came up with this idea :)

    Right... good sweet stuff is always fattening! I love Haagen-Dazs ice cream! I think I can eat a pint, but never tired!

    Fresh corn on the cob!? How nice!!!
    We have corn but not on the cob (of course)... sounds very fresh and delicious in that way!
    I love to hear story about your place :)

    Thanks for coming every night.
    I am happy to hear from you, but feel free to comment ;)

    Good night!


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