Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mont Blanc aux Marrons

Just few hours ago, we had a heavy rain after a long time!!!

The past few days, it is raining hard in many parts of the country. Yesterday, there was a concentrated heavy rain in Kobe. 4 people were killed by a muddy stream! They were playing at a river area and suddenly the stream hit them!!! How scary...

Anyway, nothing related to the rain, but I will show you my Mont Blanc aux Marrons! But this is not a cake! It is EGG SALAD :) I made this few years ago to make fun of my boyfriend because he doesn't like sweet stuff! I served it for a dinner and I still remember his uncomfortable face! Ha-ha ;)
The recipe is in Japanese, but I think you can understand the procedures (images).

To tell the truth, I am finishing my diary in the morning...
I fell asleep again while writing last night.

Okay, see you again!

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