Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Accomplishments

It is very sunny here in Tokyo! We expect no rain for a week or so! But the sky is not clear... It's smoggy a little.

Okay. Today, I will list my accomplishments!

On 7/12, I won 2 dozen of Kirin Ichiban by submitting my Chinese recipe: Stir-Fried Chili Bean Sprout! It wasn't a contest, so I was just lucky enough to win :)
Surprisingly, my boyfriend was really happy with it! I asked him why and he told me that the beer I used to serve him was Happoshu (low-malt beer)! I don't drink beer, so I didn't realize it until then!!!

On 7/17, I won the grand prize at the Yodoran (iodine-enriched egg) contest! This was my second time to win the top prize :) This time, they asked for the summer sweet recipes using their eggs, and I submitted my "Danish French Toast with Lemon Sauce"! I wrote that I went to the cafe on 7/21, which was the prize.

On 7/21, I won "the Idea Pon Award" at Cookpad's Ajipon recipe contest. Ajipon is Mizkan's citrus seasoned soy sauce! They asked for stir-fried recipes using it and I submitted my "Ajipon Stir-Fried Colorful Vegetables".

On 7/28, I won 2 awards at mozuku recipe contest organized by Itoman Mozuku Sangyo in Okinawa. Mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus) is noodle-like seaweed which is mainly produced in Okinawa. My "Mozuku and Nameko Soup Rice Bowl" won the second prize (outstanding performance award) and my "Ginger Vinegar Marinated Mozuku Tomatoes" won the third prize!

Then today, on 7/30, my "Watermelon Broiled Eels on Rice" was introduced in the Cookpad's e-mail newsletter as an amazing summer treat recipe ;)

I'm changing my story! Speaking of summer, we need to be careful of food poisoning! There was a news that 5 people fell ill with food poisoning at a yakiniku restaurant! The source of food poisoning was Campylobacter! It is said that chicken is the most common food implicated as the source of Campylobacter contamination. Any raw poultry - chicken, turkey, duck, goose, game fowl - meat and its juices may contain Campylobacter, including organic and “free range” products. We Japanese sometimes eat those raw, so we need to be careful, or cook thoroughly!!!

Tonight, my boyfriend doesn't need dinner, so I am kind of lazy not cooking anything!
It's OK sometimes ;)

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