Thursday, August 7, 2008

Google Street View in Japan

Hi! Last night I heard thunders again... How changeable the weather is! But today we have clear skies (no clouds in the morning)! Hope not rain tonight.

I forgot to write about this, but Google has just supported "Street View" in Japan on August 4th! Now you can take a virtual walk in Japan ;)
For instance, search "Tokyo Japan" on the Google Maps and click the "Street View" button on the map! You can explore cityscapes, landmarks, points of historical interest, and more!

Searching your neighbors might be fun!
Unfortunately, Google's street view car didn't run near our home, so I couldn't view my house. Hope you can find yours :)

HERE is the search result of Shibuya!
The cylinder-shaped building you see right in front is Shibuya 109, where I mostly shop my clothes.

I hope you enjoy exploring Japan ;)

By the way, HERE is Manhattanville College!
It is the college I graduated from!!!
You can't tour the campus but the linked view is the entrance!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    This is so neat, I'll have to look and see if I can find my cousins place! You have some big buildings there yes!

    We did look up our house, on another finder not sure what it was now, but it had an arial shot of our house from a plane. Pretty cool.

    My blog down for 2 days, wrote support, I guess there a bunch others down! Hope they fix soon!

  2. Hi jo!

    I just can't stop viewing my city. It is very interesting!!!
    I hope you can find your cousin's place!

    Aerial shot?! That is amusing!
    There are many other funny views on the Net!
    Like these.

    I realized your blog was down, right after I commented your post.
    I hope they fix soon!!! Backup always!!! So do I though.


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