Friday, August 8, 2008

My Accomplishments

Hello! It is sunny again but we have high 95F (35C)!!!
It is better to go to work and cool off. Ha-ha!
We expect no rain for a week or so, which is good.

Today I will list my accomplishments as usual.

On 8/4, I won the special prize at Kadoya's sesame oil contest organized by Cookpad. They asked for creative recipes using their sesame oil. I made "Glittering Chinese Sauce Marinated Chicken Fillet". Don't you think these chopped bell peppers are glittering?!

Then on 8/4, I again got the honorable mention at is the site to search & learn & evaluate about many different kinds of salt(mainly in Japan). This time, they asked for cold soup recipes using salt. My piece was "Easy Cold Tomato Soup". It is easy because I used tomato juice to make this ;)

On 8/7, I won the outstanding performance award at "sushi project" by iCommons Summit'08 in Sapporo. They put out a call for sushi recipes and designs from around the world, so that they can promote Japan's "sushi culture" to a new level, not just as part of Japanese culture but as a "world culture".
My prizewinning recipe is "Tomato Cup Sushi". I stuffed sushi rice and tuna salad in tomatoes. Those are juicy and easy to eat. The sweet and sour flavor of sushi vinegar matches perfectly to the tuna salad! You gotta try ;)
Regarding the sushi project, I was interviewed by Hana TV last Friday. It was broadcast on August 6th, only in Hokkaido, so I couldn't see. They said they gonna send me a DVD, so I'm looking forward to receiving it.

Now I am watching the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics!
I gotta stop now!

Have a nice weekend :)

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  1. Hi,Ochi

    Congratulations once again for your awards..Your are really great.

    I saw your dishes especially Glittering Chinese Sauce Marinated Chicken Fillet looked delicious..Can you let me know how to cook it??

    I want to make sushi someday..which vinegar should i use for the sushi rice??

  2. Thank you josephinechoo!

    I am not writing all, but I have many that I lost...
    Actually, today I lost some again :(
    Also, I don't win cash prizes which is weird! Ha-ha!

    >Can you let me know how to cook it??
    Sure! I will translate it as soon as I can ;)

    >which vinegar should i use for the sushi rice??
    I have my California roll recipe translated! So, you can find there what kind and how :)

    If you have "sushi-su" ( I wrote about it HERE), that is much easier! Directions are usually written on it's bottle!

    Hope this helps!!!

  3. Hi,Ochi

    Really thanks for your help,I mean your recipes..

    Actually,I promised my friend that i will make sushi for her when her birthday got to get ready soon..

    Anyway,thanks for your help again..

  4. Hello josephinechoo.

    You are always very welcome.
    I hope you can make sushi for her :)

    It is very hot in Japan.
    I just took a bath, but getting sweaty again...

  5. Hi Ochi,

    How did you like Opening ceremonies in Beijing! We are very cool here, not swimming weather at all!

    You need to win cash prizes! You deserve to win cash prizes!

    Your broadcast debut was in Hokkaido, congrads. Did I tell you my mom was born there!

  6. Hi jo!

    The opening ceremonies were beautiful!!! But I was watching it on live (late at night) and fell asleep... I missed the march and the Olympic flame lighting... I watched reruns of them though :)

    I hope to win cash someday... But I don't even win the lotto!!! Maybe this is my life... ha-ha!

    Yes! I remember you said your mother was born in Hokkaido ;) There are a lot of fresh fish over there!!! I wish I could go there and eat sushi someday.


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