Monday, August 11, 2008

Kitchen Accidents

It rained very hard last night, so we have sunshine today :)
Cicadas are buzzing loudly... it is really hot!

On Saturday, I received an anniversary reminder from Yahoo! Calender.
What anniversary?!
I wondered and opened the message and realized that it was a reminder of the day I cut my finger with a rice bowl!
Right... my boyfriend set it to remind every year.

Back on August 9th, 2005, I was frustrated by my work (my supervisor). While washing the dishes, I was complaining to my boyfriend about my work... and suddenly, a rice bowl broke in two and I cut my right pinkie finger!!! Quite quickly, it bled a lot and I couldn't see my finger, which I thought part of my finger was torn! We were in panic and called an ambulance and went to the hospital...

The doctor stopped the bleed and wrapped a bandage on my finger. Just that?! I thought I need to put a stitch!!!
As I thought, the next day the bleed didn't stop and I went to the hospital again. A different doctor saw me and sew up the wound with a stitch.
Only a finger but I had tough days...

When I am tired, I need to be careful. I sometimes pick up a hot pan with bare hands. Also, I often peel my nails with a peeler. Very scary, but I once used a knife upside down and put my hand over to cut food... Luckily the knife wasn't that sharp, so I didn't cut my hand but was very dangerous!!!

I think I need this reminder once a year, just to be careful every time I cook!

By the way, today is the 5th anniversary since my boyfriend and I have been together. My boyfriend was busy, so we didn't go out for dinner. Maybe this weekend!?

Actually, I am writing this diary again the next day... Last night, I was watching reruns of the Olympic games and got tired by the time I write. I was very excited about Kosuke Kitajima's gold medal swim! Also, the day before, I was glued to the tube watching judo!!! Masato Uchishiba was so cool! I watched the match on live!!!

Okay, see you again :)
Have fun watching the Olympic games!

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  1. Hi,Ochi

    Heard about your story making me felt scary about you.You should not cook when you're tired,if not you will cut yourself again.

    Just be careful,your boyfriend was so care about you even set reminder for you.

    Just now i told my boyfriend about your blog and he said that he will not set reminder for me as if he set,everyday will have one reminder..haha..he said i just too careless too..

  2. Hi Ochi,

    You were cut badly! I did the same thing once, but now cut as bad as you! I put a rice bowl on my mothers headstone, so far it's still there.

    I'm very much like you, picking up pots with bare hands too. I'm learning to use gloves all the time. I've been burned many times removing food from the oven, and making gravy on top of stove.

    I've had fun watching Olympics, I missed the judo though!

  3. Hi josephinechoo!

    Ha-ha! Right! I need the reminder every day, too!!!
    Please be careful when cooking!
    There is nothing more than being careful!

  4. Hello jo!

    Do you make an offering of rice in the rice bowl? I don't know well, so I am just guessing by seeing what my grandmother does always... maybe it was a family altar or something though...

    jo, you too be careful!!!
    Gravy reminds me of caramel... I once burned my tongue by tasting it with a spoon, directly from the pan... it should be over 200 degrees F :(

    So do I! I missed Tanimoto Ayumi's gold winning match yesterday... I need to search YouTube!


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