Monday, August 11, 2008

Kitchen Accidents

It rained very hard last night, so we have sunshine today :)
Cicadas are buzzing loudly... it is really hot!

On Saturday, I received an anniversary reminder from Yahoo! Calender.
What anniversary?!
I wondered and opened the message and realized that it was a reminder of the day I cut my finger with a rice bowl!
Right... my boyfriend set it to remind every year.

Back on August 9th, 2005, I was frustrated by my work (my supervisor). While washing the dishes, I was complaining to my boyfriend about my work... and suddenly, a rice bowl broke in two and I cut my right pinkie finger!!! Quite quickly, it bled a lot and I couldn't see my finger, which I thought part of my finger was torn! We were in panic and called an ambulance and went to the hospital...

The doctor stopped the bleed and wrapped a bandage on my finger. Just that?! I thought I need to put a stitch!!!
As I thought, the next day the bleed didn't stop and I went to the hospital again. A different doctor saw me and sew up the wound with a stitch.
Only a finger but I had tough days...

When I am tired, I need to be careful. I sometimes pick up a hot pan with bare hands. Also, I often peel my nails with a peeler. Very scary, but I once used a knife upside down and put my hand over to cut food... Luckily the knife wasn't that sharp, so I didn't cut my hand but was very dangerous!!!

I think I need this reminder once a year, just to be careful every time I cook!

By the way, today is the 5th anniversary since my boyfriend and I have been together. My boyfriend was busy, so we didn't go out for dinner. Maybe this weekend!?

Actually, I am writing this diary again the next day... Last night, I was watching reruns of the Olympic games and got tired by the time I write. I was very excited about Kosuke Kitajima's gold medal swim! Also, the day before, I was glued to the tube watching judo!!! Masato Uchishiba was so cool! I watched the match on live!!!

Okay, see you again :)
Have fun watching the Olympic games!

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